Collection of available clinical data for hands-on training course with Schallware simulator, manikin and dummy probe

Red bars show acquired areas of patient. Red arrows equate to intercostal fan volumes.
Cases were acquired for example with convex, linear probe, in color doppler modus and maybe at several dates. You can open details and browse image list of regions of interest (ROIs), which are supported by simulator as you can be led automatically to these structures (bubble in space).

Number of patients: 39
Last update: 2020-08-12

Case 4335w, VentriculomegalyconvexDetails
Case 3019w, Mega cisterna magna septaconvexDetails
Case 2012w, Gastroschisis, Dandy Walker complex, Club feet of both legsconvexDetails
Case 6819w, Ventriculomegaly, HydrocephalusconvexDetails
Case 3427w, Diaphragmatic herniaconvexDetails
FH 824w congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the fetal lung, normal fetal heartconvexDetails
Case 8027w, CDH left (Congenital Diaphragm Hernia)convexDetails
Case 3124w, DORV (double outlet right ventricle)convexDetails
Case 2718w, Vanished hygroma colliconvexDetails
FH 4convexDetails
FH 923w hypoplastic left heart syndromeconvexDetails
FH 1022w muscular ventricular defectconvexDetails
FH 12abnormalconvexDetails
FH 621w right aortic archconvexDetails
FH 1124w aortopulmonary transposition (maybe VSD and overriding pulmonary artery) convexDetails
Case 3825w, GastrochisisconvexDetails
Case 5531w, MegacolonconvexDetails
Case 4832w, Duodenal atresia, PolyhydramniosconvexDetails
Case 2233w, Free abdominal fluid among liver and ribs due to tachycardiaconvexDetails
Case 3216w, Arthrogryposis multiplex congenitaconvexDetails
Case 3921w, Pes equinovarus of both feetconvexDetails
Case 7820w, Thanatophoric dysplasiaconvexDetails
Case 8121w, Dysmelia left handconvexDetails
Case 919w, Leftsided Multicystic dysplastic kidney disease convexDetails
Case 4417w, Hygroma colli, HydrothoraxconvexDetails
Case 4524w, Left UrinomaconvexDetails
Case 4629w, Hydronephrosis, Right UrinomaconvexDetails
Case 5028w, Bilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney disease MCDKconvexDetails
Case 8822w, Pelvic kidney, DD, Crossed fused renal ectopiaconvexDetails
Case 11020w, Kidney akinesiaconvexDetails
Case 9532w, Fetal ovarian cystconvexDetails
Case 5420w, Dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancyconvexDetails
Case 2317w, 12-fold pregnancy with several dead foeticonvexDetails
Case 11320w, MCDA TwinsconvexDetails
Case 1929w, Noticeable umbilical cord knotcolorDetails
Case 9218w and 22w, Placenta previa and Placenta bipartitaconvex, vaginalDetails
Case 11924w, Vasa praevia, Placenta bipartitacolorDetails
Case 10526w, AVSD, Right Stomach, Azygos continuationconvexDetails
Case 11822w, Trisomy 21, Tetralogy of Fallot, Prenasal thickness (PNT), Brachicephaly, Prenasal edema, Choroid plexus cystconvexDetails

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