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Reviews from participantsAbdominal sonography course: Advanced Liver Pathologies


Friday, 21.04.2017

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RAI Amsterdam
1078 GZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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18:30 - 20:00

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The sonography course for the advanced is intended for physicians with moderate or high experience. Those with moderate experience can try to enhance their skills by studying more difficult cases demonstrated on a sonography-simulator which acts like a real sonography machine. The focus will be on pathology, from hepatic adenoma to hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis with ascites, and typical signs of portal hypertension, hepatic steatosis etc. For those who are highly experienced, different ‘rare cases’ will be shown, such as Budd Chiari syndrome, several primary liver tumours, infectious diseases, Rendu-Osler disease, and more. In a relatively short time, (90 minutes) a collection of cases will be studied which in real life would take many years to encounter; but once seen, will never be forgotten!

Learning objectives:
- to enhance sonography skills by studying more difficult and rare cases
- to learn about a lot of rare diseases in a short time
- to identify, among others, Budd Chiari syndrome, Rendu Osler disease, hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatic adenoma, follicular nodular hyperplasia, multiple endocrine neoplasia, polycystic liver disease, and echinococcus.

Collection of available clinical data for hands-on training course with Schallware simulator, manikin and dummy probe

Red bars show acquired areas of patient. Red arrows equate to intercostal fan volumes.
Cases were acquired for example with convex, linear probe, in color doppler modus and maybe at several dates. You can open details and browse image list of regions of interest (ROIs), which are supported by simulator as you can be led automatically to these structures (bubble in space).

Patient 2Hydatid cyst WHO CE3aconvexDetails
Patient 103Liver hemangiomas, cholecystolithiasisconvexDetails
Patient 117Liver cirrh., reopened umbilical vein, gallbladder hydrops, cholecystolithiasisconvexDetails
Patient 118Liver cysts, M.Crohn, Adenomyomatosis, cholecystolith., nephrolith., stenosis of ileoc. anastomosisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 129Liver cirrhosis, nodules, cavathrombus, spleen with scar, left pleural effusionconvexDetails
Patient 133Polycystic liver and kidneysconvexDetails
Patient 134Cholecystolithiasis with multiple concrementsconvexDetails
Patient 141Aerobilia, CholedocholithiasisconvexDetails
Patient 143Budd-Chiari and Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndromes, Ascites (color)convex, colorDetails

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