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Friday, 20.11.2020

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Schallware SimCenter
Alt-Buch 45-51
D-13125 Berlin-Buch


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Freitag 14:00 – 19:00 Uhr




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Anmeldung Online, Anzahl der Teilnehmer begrenzt, Auskunft: Gernot Jehle 01774911854

Other Courses


Train-The-Trainer Workshop für Kursleiter am Schallware Ultraschall Simulator in Berlin-Buch (Innere Medizin),
-Einführung in die Handhabung des Schallware Simulators
-Anwendung des Simulators mit einer Auswahl von Patienten
-Weitere Funktionen wie Erstellung von QnAs (Self-Learning) und Examen, Erstellung von Lernvideos
-Beispiele und Diskussion der Integration in bestehende Ausbildungskonzepte in Kliniken (Veranstaltung findet an Einzelplätzen statt, max. 10 Teilnehmer)

wissenschaftliche Leitung Prof. Dr. med. Gebel (MHH, DEGUM 3) u.a.

Collection of available clinical data for hands-on training course with Schallware simulator, manikin and dummy probe

Red bars show acquired areas of patient. Red arrows equate to intercostal fan volumes.
Cases were acquired for example with convex, linear probe, in color doppler modus and maybe at several dates. You can open details and browse image list of regions of interest (ROIs), which are supported by simulator as you can be led automatically to these structures (bubble in space).

Patient 2060 y/o male, AnatomyconvexDetails
Patient 31Horse shoe kidney, Abdominal mass, ArteriosclerosisconvexDetails
Patient 53Caval thrombus, renal cell carcinoma RCC (left), liver metastasesconvexDetails
Patient 54Tumor infiltration of the kidney, obstructive uropathyconvexDetails
Patient 64Acute pancreatitis, choledocholithiasis, cholecystolithiasis, liver cystconvexDetails
Patient 71Infected splenic cystconvexDetails
Patient 77Mechanical small bowel ileusconvexDetails
Patient 8960 y/o female, Urothelial carcinomaconvex, colorDetails
Patient 91Severe steatohepatitis, Asc.-Decompensation, HCCconvexDetails
Patient 97Pancreatic pseudocyst, cholecystolithiasis, hydronephrosis, right ureteral occlusion, parapelvic cystsconvexDetails
Patient 105Appendicitis with fecalith - atypical courselinearDetails
Patient 118Liver cysts, M.Crohn, Adenomyomatosis, cholecystolith., nephrolith., stenosis of ileoc. anastomosisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 120Hepaticojejunostomy, aerobilia, renal cyst, pancreatic pseudo cystconvexDetails
Patient 127Thoraco-Abdominal aortic aneurysm, right pleural effusionconvex, colorDetails
Patient 136Lymphomata in hepatoduodenal ligament and in splenic hilumconvexDetails
Patient 145Adrenal tumor, CEUSconvex, colorDetails
Patient 147Psoas abscess, Cholecystolithiasis, chronic cholecystitisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 153Liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, cholecystolithiasis, partial portal vein thrombosisconvexDetails
Patient 157Thrombosis of V.cava, Aneurysmconvex, linear, colorDetails
Patient 158Liver metastasis, Gallbladder cancer, Lymph node metastasislinear, colorDetails
Patient 159Stenotic tumor of Asc.colon, Lymph node metastasisconvex, linear, colorDetails

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